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This website is serviced by EVME PLUS Company Limited. (“we” or “us”). When you access to our website, your access data will be recorded by Cookies.  This Announcement describes definition, how it works and purpose, including deletion and rejection to use Cookies. For your privacy, when you access to our website, you give us permission to use this Announcement with the following details:


   1.  What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files stored as text files which have been downloaded to computer equipment and/or other communication devices such as notebook, tablet or smartphone through web browser when you access websites in order to record your data, setting on websites and/or applications and your current access data etc. for a purpose of facilitating your ongoing use of website. Cookies do not harm your device and all content in Cookies will be used by the service which created such Cookies only.


   2. Why We Use Cookies?

We use Cookies to tell us how you access our website or which part of our website you have accessed to enable us to deliver better website service experiences to you. In addition, we use Cookies to memorize your browser data and settings to facilitate your ongoing use of website every time you access, except only when Cookies are deleted. In this case, Cookies will go back to default setting.


   3. How Do Cookies Work?

We use Cookies in order to enable you to access the services and/or other functions, for example, Cookies manage your login and login status. Cookies also inform us your use format, use history, information or services you are interested in, then Cookies will analyze to improve the services, content and activities advertisement which are suitable to you in order to facilitate and enhance customer’s satisfaction.


Example of how Cookies help facilitating our customers:

  • Memorizing your usage status such as chosen language;
  • Memorizing the answer which you used to fill in and will facilitate you not to fill in whenever you revisit;
  • Providing Live chat services on EVme’s website;
  • Providing Social Media Sharing function which will help you categorize contents you are interested on Social Network.


In order to provide the services and facilitate you to use the above services, we also use Plugin and other third party’s services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Facebook, Line, Twitter, Instagram.


   4. What Are Types and Purpose of Cookies?

Cookies which we use can be categorized the type and purpose as follows:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: This type of Cookie is necessary for basis operation and efficiency of website such as network management, area access on website and Cookie which enable customer to access information and use our website safely, enable website to work properly and enable customer to access the use of website normally, including enable us to provide the services as requested from customer. You may not be able to turn this Cookie off as it helps you to access to safe website.
  • Analytical Cookies: This Cookie enables us to count the number of customers who visited our website and memorize the visiting behavior of customers, including famous webpage and area of our website which customers visited the most. Such data will be used only for statistical analysis in order to evaluate, improve the efficiency of our website and to facilitate customers to find the thing customers want to look for. It also helps us to understand customers’ interest and evaluate the efficiency of our advertisement. Turning this Cookie off may cause us not able to know the number of customers who visited our website and not able to evaluate our service quality.
  • Functionality Cookies: This Cookie will memorize customer, whenever customer comes back to our website, this Cookie will help our website to adjust the content suitable to customer’s need, including memorize all options customer previously chose such as language, font size, registration information, interested products etc. This Cookie will enable customer to use our website more conveniently. Turning this Cookie off may impact your convenience and efficiency of your use in our website.
  • Targeting Cookies: This Cookie is created from the connection to other third party’s website by collecting data of your website usage in order to offer products or services on other third party’s website which do not belong to us. We will use this Cookie to analyze and provide the content to suit customer’s need. Turning this Cookie off will not impact the use of our website, but it will impact the suitability of products or services offering to you on third party’s website. 


   5. How Long Are Cookies Stored On Your Device?

Cookies used by us are categorized to be stored into 2 types below:

  1. Session Cookies: This Cookie will be automatically deleted when customer closes the browser; 
  2. Persistent Cookies: This Cookie will be stored on your device until it is expired or deleted. Persistent cookies will store your interest which will provide you the ease of your next visit. 


   6. How to Turn Cookies Off?

Most browsers are set in default to accept Cookies. However, you may withdraw your consent to use Cookies, refuse or delete Cookies by setting on each browser page which you are using. However, we need to use certain type of Cookies in order to support and enhance the efficiency of our website. If you choose to turn Cookies off on your browser or on your device, it may impact some functions of our website and may obstruct the use of some functions on our website.


 You may check the information of Cookies settings by clicking links below: 


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   7. Changes to This Announcement

This announcement may be revised occasionally for suitability and consistency with situations that may have potential changes. We will announce revisions on this website and advises you to visit this website regularly in order to ensure that you are aware of the changes to this Announcement.


   8. Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding this Announcement, you may contact us at: 



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